Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Tracker Monitor

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TRACKER Monitor is the entry-level ‘wired’ stolen vehicle recovery solution. Renowned and highly effective, the TRACKER Monitor utilises a unique VHF technology. In the event of theft where the vehicle is moved without the ignition turned on, the motion sensor will alert TRACKER who will, in turn, notify you of a probable theft.

On confirmation, the unit will be activated to enable fast and accurate tracking and recovery.

TRACKER Monitor features:

  • Unique patented VHF technology, enabling to track stolen vehicles even when they are stored in lock-ups, containers or underground car parks
  • High tech VHF tracking that is not affected by GPS/GSM signal jammers
  • A motion sensor to detect unauthorised movement of the vehicle
  • Full nationwide support from the UK police force
  • Tracking coverage throughout the UK, Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Luxembourg and Holland.

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T: 01556 610249