The All Terrain Vehicle

All Terrain Vehicles or ATVs are also commonly referred to as quad bikes and have, for many people, been a great source of fun since making their debut in the late 1970s. But in addition to being used by off-roading thrill seekers, quad bikes have also become an invaluable work horse in various environments including farms, forests and large country estates for example, a testament to the versatility and agility of these machines.

The sport of offroad biking or "ATV mudding" is an exhilarating sport, but when your daily work routine involves quad bikes, reliability is paramount. That’s why Paterson ATV specialises in Honda new and used quad bikes because of Honda’s unrilvaled reputation for reliability.

Whether your quad bike is used for work or sport, Honda ATVs can take on pretty much all terrains with ease even if the ground underfoot is churned up into mud.

Dalbeattie Honda quad bike dealer Paterson ATV is Dumfries and Galloway’s leading supplier of quad bikes for the farming and forestry industries in Dumfrie sand Galloway and in addition to supplying them, we also offer a full recovery and repair service, replacing your machine whilst your’s is in for repair to ensure you can continue to work.

We also sell a wide range of quad bike accessories including trailed equipment from balers and bowsers to tipping trailers and mowers. Our accessories also include quad bike parts such as lights and a range of safety equipment.

As D&G’s leading ATV dealerships, Paterson ATV is your first choice for Honda ATVs. Call in and see us at our showroom in Bank Square, Dalbeattie or call us on 01556 610249.